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Flamengo wallpapers

Jumat, 11 Desember 2009

Although it was founded in 1895, disputes for rowing, it was abandoned from 1912 that its achievement in the acreage acquired prominence. His greatest glories in this action are the Intercontinental Cup and the Copa Libertadores 1981. It aswell has the ancillary Botafogo, a lot of best arrangement of Brazilian football, 52 amateur afterwards defeat in 1979.

Flamengo is the club with the better numbers of admirers in Brazil and the apple according to analysis IBOPE, and Datafolha Strange Apple magazine, respectively. Estimated to accept a army amid 33 and 40 actor admirers in Brazil alone. These ambit announce a aberration of added than 10 actor admirers for the additional place.

If you are a lover of football and even added Clube de Regatas Flamengo, this wallpaper was fabricated with you in mind. Flamengo Wallpapers is a wallpaper that shows the players of Flamengo afterwards the acquisition of the Carioca Championship of 2007.

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